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I am a PhD Candidate in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Notre Dame. I am interested in utilizing Artificial Intelligence techniques to solve Software Engineering (SE) problems. My recent research focuses on mining domain knowledge from software traceability data and utilizing such knowledge to facilitate automated SE tasks such as trace retrieval and project Q&A. Before starting my PhD, I worked in the research lab at Fuji Xerox in areas of image processing and computer vision.

Email: jguo3 [at] nd [dot] edu        


Our paper entitled "Semantically Enhanced Software Traceability Using Deep Learning Techniques" is accepted to ICSE'17 (acceptance rate 17%). Looking forward to presenting it in Buenos Aires. Download the preprint here. (2016-12-12)

Our journal paper entitled "Tackling the term-mismatch problem in automated trace retrieval" in Empirical Software Engineering is online now. Access it here. (2016-11-26)

I will attend FSE 2016 in Seattle and present at the Workshop on the Naturalness of Software on Nov 13th. (2016-10-17)

The 3rd International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Requirements Engineering (AIRE) is collocated with RE'16 in Beijing, China! Find out more about it here. (2016-4-5)

I am going to present our paper entitled "Cold-Start Software Analytics" at MSR'2016 and my thesis proposal titled "Ontology Learning and its Application in Software-Intensive Projects" at Doctoral Symposium of ICSE'2016 during May 14-22 in Austin, Texas. (2016-4-18)