The McGill Software Technology Lab

co-led by Prof. Martin Robillard and Jin L.C. Guo.

We investigate how to facilitate the discovery and acquisition of crucial technical, design, and domain knowledge to support the development of complex software systems. Our research areas include automated documentation generation, software traceability, API usability, advanced programming tools, and computer science education. We work at the intersection of software engineering, artificial intelligence, and human-computer interaction.

Group 2023 picture

Current Students

Deeksha Arya's Picture

Deeksha Arya

PhD Student
co-supervised with Martin Robillard

Breandan Considine's Picture

Breandan Considine

PhD Student
co-supervised with Xujie Si
Fuyuan Lyu's Picture

Fuyuan Lyu

PhD Student
co-supervised with Xue Liu
Jazlyn Hellman's Picture

Jazlyn Hellman

PhD Student
co-supervised with Jinghui Cheng
Avinash Bhat's Picture

Avinash Bhat

PhD Student
Divya Kamath's Picture

Divya Kamath

PhD Student
Chales Liu's Picture

Chales Liu

Master Student
Sara Tavakoli's Picture

Sara Tavakoli

Master Student
Tamara Paris's Picture

Tamara Paris

Master Student
co-supervised with AJung Moon
Keyu Yao's Picture

Keyu Yao

Master Student
Justine Gehring's Picture

Justine Gehring

Master Student
co-supervised with Danny Tarlow
Maggie Xiong's Picture

Maggie Xiong

Undergrad Student
Zi Ye's Picture

Zi Ye

Visiting Student


Md. Sami Uddin (2022, co-supervised with Jinghui Cheng)
Eunbee(Andrea) Jiang (2022, co-supervised with AJung Moon)
Kian Ahrabian (2021, co-supervised with Danny Tarlow)
Deeksha Ayra (2019, co-supervised with Martin Robillard)
Cheryl Wang (2019, co-supervised with Jinghui Cheng)
Alexander Nicolson (2019)
Shi Yan Du (project) (2019)
Itai Epstein (2023)
Keyu Yao (2023)
Anthony Ong (2022)
Barry Li (2022)
Saskia Gilmer (2022)
Kevin Cherry (2022)
James Martin (2021)
Jiahao Chen (2021)
Haoxuan Shi (2021)
Raphaëlle Tseng (2021)
Grace Hu (2020)
Sixian Li (2020)
Jazlyn Hellman (2020)
Vicent Huang (2020)
Hehuimin Cheng (2020)
Xinyi Wang (2019)
Lin Shuang Liu (2019)
Visting Students
Anh T. V. Dau (2023)
Hin Chi Kwok (2023)

Current Collaborators (Outside McGill)

Jinghui Cheng, User Centered Design Lab at Polytechnique Montréal, Canada

Guillaume-Alexandre Bilodeau, LITIV at Polytechnique Montréal, Canada

Weiyi Shang, Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Concordia University, Canada

Shurui Zhou, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at University of Toronto, Canada

Christian Kästner, Institute for Software Research at Carnegie Mellon University, US

Danny Tarlow, Google Brain, Canada