Selected Projects @ Fuji Xerox

Business Card and Whiteboard Extraction (2011)

Digitalizing the content written or printed in paper using camera would facilitate maintaining and sharing information. In this project, I designed and implemented image processing algorithms to extract and correct the region of business card and whiteboard from images with complex background captured by digital cameras or phone cameras. The extraction accuracy outperformed all the other tools or softwares in the market. Followed with the process of color correction and optical character recognition (OCR), this technology was used in the Fuji Xerox “SkyDesk” service for contact and collaboration management. This project was granted the Chief Minister’s award for research in 2011.

Sensing UI (2008)

In this project, I participated in designing and implementing the "Sensing UI" platform (a novel human-computer interface based on 3D tracking technologies) and took in charge of the image processing module. I also proposed an improved object model for the next version of "Sensing UI" prototype and developed its feature extraction algorithm.


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